Humanities Subjects

Learning to reason, analyze both sides of a topic, organize thoughts logically, and defend ideas with evidence is essential for student success in the humanities. Disciplined Minds humanities tutors (English, History, and Languages) are experts at working with students and at helping them brainstorm, research and organize their ideas into a logical and persuasive argument. Our tutors have advanced degrees in their chosen fields or significant teaching experience (10+ years).

Our tutors help students build an analytical mind using the following techniques:

Providing strategies to brainstorm, organize, and connect topics

Teaching students how to provide and source evidence that supports ideas

Providing ample opportunities to discover both strengths and weaknesses

Teaching students to be metacognitive and make their learning visible

Jessica is very personable, warm and welcoming and my son really liked working with her!

My son really liked Will. He felt like he learned some new things today! Fantastic!!

I felt like I was being listened to and encouraged. Nicole‘s positive attitude made me feel confident and helped me concentrate.

My daughter feels more confident after each session with Austyn. We can’t thank you all enough!😊