Math Subjects

At Disciplined Minds, our tutors teach math concepts and math skills students need to excel at higher levels of math, and they work with students to solidify these important skills. Our tutors bridge the gap between the real world and the topics covered in math class, and in the process, make math more interesting. Using pertinent and up to date research in the neuroscience of learning, our tutors guide students to take ownership of their own knowledge. After learning our techniques and processes, students will understand math, not just memorize what they need for the next exam.

Our tutors help students build a mathematical mind using the following techniques:

Explaining and demonstrating key concepts
Creating connections between math and the real world
Providing strategies backed by research on the neuroscience of learning
Teaching students to be metacognitive and make their learning visible
Providing ample opportunities to discover both strengths and weaknesses

My daughter really likes working with Greg because he is patient, he challenges her & feels she is definitely learning!!

Trent does not make me feel pressured to always know the correct answer. Even when I am struggling, he values my potential and intelligence. It is a very safe and comfortable learning environment

Barbara is creative and inspires our children to learn. She brings different tools to the table and offers many “ah ha” moments to get them thinking outside the box. She is highly communicative, responsive and professional!

My daughter consistently comes out of the sessions feeling clarity and confidence from the sessions. Haley is an excellent instructor and is very encouraging!