Science Subjects

Science is easier to understand and to organize when students build upon knowledge they already have. By challenging misconceptions, encouraging the use of imagination, and creating an organizational scheme within which to understand science, our tutors help students gain a greater appreciation of the interconnecting parts. Using pertinent and up to date research in the neuroscience of learning, our tutors work with students to build their science mind by focusing on the “Big Ideas” of each science course that they encounter. Our methods enable students to “chunk” material into more manageable pieces and teach the importance of allowing oneself time to reflect and absorb the material before the exam.

Our tutors help students build a science mind using the following techniques:

Challenging misconceptions and encouraging creative solutions to scientific questions

Providing ample opportunities to discover both strengths and weaknesses

Providing strategies backed by research on the neuroscience of learning

Teaching students to be metacognitive and make their learning visible

Kristen Emrich is an excellent tutor. She is invested in the student and understands their learning style. Kristen provides instruction in Algebra II and Chemistry in a way that makes it easy for the students to understand the material and solve problems. Additionally Kristen demonstrates patience with the students and helps instill confidence as well.

Caleb is very patient and always helpful during our sessions. I finally have an A in Physics!!

My son is LOVING his time with Robert. I have never heard him so excited about the information he is learning from Robert and the incredible knowledge he is sharing.