Our Partners

Robert Levine

After 29 years as a volunteer admissions interviewer for Harvard, including several as Chairman of the Schools Committee for the West Coast of Florida, and after 25 years of legal practice and several in marketing, Robert now assist high school students seeking admission to premier colleges. His services include guided self-analysis, identification of each student’s unique attributes, essay drafting and editing, application review, recommendation assistance, and interview preparation. Robert’s goal is to present candidates fairly, using the language of college admissions committees.

Mary Schroeder

Mary Wharton Schroeder, certified teacher and a college entrance exam tutor, has served over 25 years in education. She has been a classroom teacher, a private tutor, and has volunteered her talents in high school college planning offices. Along with her professional experience she combines a thorough knowledge of the SAT and ACT. Mary shares this throughout the school year and in the summer with her students. She maintains a private practice for the Critical Reading and Written portions of the SAT as well as the English, Reading, and Essay portions of the ACT.

Student Support Alliance

Student Support Alliance was formed to help students and families of all ages and needs, from subject tutoring to psychological support to test prep to college consulting and career planning. We all want what’s best for our next generation. An alliance that is always growing that currently has over 15 participating individuals and companies with many different backgrounds all brought together to help students.