Standardized Test Prep

The Disciplined Minds Test Prep Method

The tutors at Disciplined Minds are experts at reducing the anxiety associated with standardized test preparation and at providing strategies to make the exam easier. Our tutors take results-driven strategies and tailor them to each student’s specific strengths and weaknesses to allow them to reach their highest potential score. Our approaches, coupled with a strong student work ethic, will allow the student to reach his or her goal score and gain acceptance into their first choice college.

The tutors of Disciplined Minds have over 170 years of combined experience preparing students for academic success in high school and college. They have harnessed this knowledge to create test strategies, approaches, tips, and techniques that ensure success.

SAT & ACT Courses & Bootcamps

SAT & ACT Courses & Bootcamps

We continuously offer group courses in the Fall, Spring, and Summer at Disciplined Minds Tutoring. Strategies, test timing and a large amount of practice material are incorporated into each course. Homework will be assigned to give students practice applying the techniques discussed during the course. Student will also be able to take additional timed practice tests, under real test taking conditions, at our location at their leisure. To find out more about our current group courses, please send us an email at


What We Do For Test Prep

Our tutors will help students prepare for Standardized Tests, including SAT and ACT Tests, using the following techniques:

  • Teaching strategies to break down difficult concepts into manageable parts
  • Tailoring strategies to each student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Providing deliberate practice that focuses on improving areas of weakness and refining areas of strength
  • Creating a practice schedule that will help students complete the steps necessary for success
  • Teaching students to be metacognitive and make their learning visible