Austyn O’Dwyer

Tutor SAT/PSAT Reading and Writing, SAT Essay, College Entrance Essay, English, English Honors, Essay Writing, College Language Arts

Austyn is has graduated from the University of South Florida where he pursued his MAT -Master of Arts in Teaching- degree with a specificity in English Language Arts instruction. He has been a long advocate for literature and language education, often aiding his fellow peers in their undergraduate research. After graduation, Austyn plans to pursue his doctorate and become a college professor abroad, ensuring that the importance of language etymology and literary study are instilled in future generations of collegiate students. Other that tutoring, Austyn conducts graduate research for USF by observing classrooms around Hillsborough County and analyzing the variations in classroom discourse.

Austyn is also a classically trained pianist, artist, traveler, and writer; he harbours a special interest for children’s literature and hopes to become an author of childhood lit. He is thrilled to become a part of the Disciplined Minds family and help students achieve their SAT goals while also advocating for further comprehension of the English language.