Olda Hoare

Olda helps students to excel in placement exams (SSAT, HSPT), English Language, Reading
Comprehension, Writing, and basic Spanish.

Olda was born in the small country of Belize in Central America. She speaks both English and
Spanish. Olda began her teaching career at Sacred Heart High School where she taught English
Language, Literature, and Reading. She later taught at St. John’s College and Sacred Heart
College. Olda believes that discovering her passion for teaching and building her teaching career
on the foundations of the Catholic tradition of education has been a tremendous opportunity for
her both as a person and as a professional.

After Olda obtained her doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction from USF, she became
an academic dean at Sacred Heart College where she also continued teaching English Language,
English Literature, and Research Methods.

Olda has also worked as a Learning and Development Facilitator in several developing countries.
Her work as an international consultant in Education and Research has given her the opportunity
of working with school leaders, teachers, parents, and students at all education levels in refugee,
indigenous, and local communities.

Olda believes that each child deserves an opportunity to excel; therefore, it is necessary to create
teaching and learning environments which promote the need for students to learn to know, learn
to do, learn to be, and learn to live together.