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What Makes Disciplined Minds Unique?

More Than Just Tutoring

Tutoring is more about building confidence in the student than it is about content delivery. Many students we have tutored over the years simply lacked the confidence necessary for success. An increase in confidence and an unwavering belief in one’s abilities, helps students face the pressure of the competitive environment of college admissions and excel in this area. Nothing helps students build confidence faster than subject mastery and our tutors know how to cultivate that mastery in each student.

Over 60 Subjects & 10,000 Lessons A Year

The tutors of Disciplined Minds possess a passion for the success of their students that is unparalleled. Our tutors are dedicated to the betterment of our students’ lives and bring that dedication to every one of the 10,000 sessions we tutor each year. By offering over 60 different subjects, we provide every opportunity to best serve our students and their families. At Disciplined Minds, you will feel confident that your children are given the greatest chance for success.

Online or In Person Tutoring

Do you prefer the convenience of online tutoring? Our experienced tutors are trained to interact effectively with students in person or online. Our online tutoring incorporates video, messaging and screen sharing technology to ensure that the interactions are as meaningful and immersive as our in person tutoring. Click here to read more!

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Standarized Test Preparation

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3819 Henderson Blvd, Tampa FL 33629

Disciplined Minds Tutoring is located at 3819 Henderson Blvd, Tampa FL 33629!

To locate our office, please look for the navy-blue door around the side of the Crown building!