Connor Houlahan

6-8 Math
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
ACT Math

My name is Connor Houlahan and I graduated from Millsaps College with a double major in Mathematics and Cultural Anthropology. Before becoming an educator, I worked as an Investment Strategist in the private wealth field. I have now spent several years tutoring Mathematics and I truly believe that this is my calling. I have worked with learners of all backgrounds and I know that anyone can succeed in math given the proper guidance and environment. 

My method of pedagogy involves assessing students’ current foundational levels and meeting them where they are. I believe in a balanced combination of Socratic questioning and direct teaching that allows students to explore and discover mathematics without being overburdened by instruction. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a student light up with understanding, and it is moments like this that build lifelong confidence with both math and critical thinking.