Syed Yousuf Quadry

Tutor Algebra 2, Geometry Honors, Math Analysis, Math Analysis, Precalculus Honors, Calculus, Calculus Honors, Statistics, Physics, Physics Honors, AP Physics, AP Calculus, Computer Science

Yousuf recently graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. When he was a teenager, he use to enjoy helping his younger cousins with their studies, and since then his interest in tutoring grew more, and he started tutoring privately during his highschool years. Throughout the years, his passion for tutoring and helping others developed further, so he started tutoring at his University and even worked as an instructor at his middle-school’s summer program, during his summer break. These experiences enhanced his love for teaching and helped him realize that every student grasp concepts differently, and therefore require different approaches according to their needs. 

Yousuf aspires to strengthen students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills, and wishes to inspire his students to enjoy studying math and sciences, like he does. Other than tutoring, he loves programming, composing music, playing his guitar, painting and sketching, playing board games with his friends and meeting new people.