Shakira A Davis

Shakira has a Masters in Education, a Bachelors in English, and over five years experience teaching students around the world.

Shakira possesses an MEd. in Digital Learning and Leading, a BA in English, and a teacher certification in English and Language Arts. She has spent over 5 years teaching SAT, ACT, English, Writing and American History. She has even had the opportunity to teach in Taiwan, Switzerland, and Italy.

As a result, Shakira has gained extensive experience working with many different students including English language learners, low scorers, and students with special needs. Shakira believes that student success is directly related to the relationship the teacher builds with the student. By developing a rapport with her students, Shakira enables them to grow in confidence and competence: resulting in maximum comprehension. When she is not busy helping students, Shakira enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and learning.