Roxanne Butts

Tutors all Subjects K-8th, HSPT, SSAT, SAT, ACT, English 9th-12th Grade

Roxanne is an Instructional Mentor that works with teachers at six schools across the county helping them improve their practice. She has been in education for the past 11 years in various positions including working with Pre-Kindergarten students, being a classroom teacher, and working with teachers from kindergarten through the eighth grade. She has her Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Florida with a Specialization in Literacy. Ms. Butts has numerous certifications including, Elementary Education (kindergarten through sixth grade), Reading Education (kindergarten through twelfth grade), and Gifted Education. Her goal is to be a teacher and tutor that inspires her students to want to become better people. She wants them to know and trust one another, know they are part of something bigger and that they have a responsibility to themselves to try and make the work better through their knowledge and actions.

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