Nikol Williams

Tutor in Environmental Science

Nikol Williams graduated from the University of Tampa in 2013 with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a minor in Chemistry. She played varsity tennis all four years at UT so she understands the importance of time management and how large a roll this skill plays in enabling students to excel in both academics and athletics. Nikol is currently working on completing a Masters Degree at the University of West Florida in Education Leadership.
Nikol currently teaches Chemistry Honors and Marine Science Honors at Tampa Bay Technical High School. She became a teacher because of her love for the sciences. Her biggest goal is to pass her passion for science onto her students. One of Nikol’s favorite parts about teaching is seeing a student master a concept they have been struggling with and the excitement that follows.
In order to better help students understand concepts in which they are struggling, Nikol uses probing questions to pull the information out of the students piece by piece until they have answered their own question. Nikol believes that by using this method of teaching the student better understands and remembers the process needed to answer specific questions. At the same time she is teaching the students self-assessment, which she believes is an invaluable tool to have in life.

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