Kristopher Murray

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Kris began teaching students as an undergraduate studying Animal Science at Penn State through one of their organizations called the Small and Exotic Animal Club. Through this group, Kris used hand-on activities to teach young children about wildlife. Kris’ passion for education continued to develop once they started their master’s degree in Animal and Veterinary Sciences at Clemson University. Within this program they had the opportunity to become a teaching assistant for an undergraduate scientific writing course. Kris enjoyed working with students one-on-one and seeing how much their students grew as writers throughout the semester. This teaching assistant experience also allowed Kris to develop a deeper appreciation and love for education, science, and writing.

Kris believes that tutoring should extend beyond the classroom or individual tutoring session so that students are not memorizing a list of facts for an exam and forgetting that information the next week. To achieve this goal, Kris strives to utilize real-world examples and encourages students to think critically about the information they are receiving.