Introducing The Homework Spot

And Much More!

What Is The Homework Spot?

At our Homework Spot, you will find the best high school student tutors in the Tampa Bay area. Our tutors have completed the same curricula at the same schools that your child is enrolled. They are familiar with the teachers, the projects, and the level of work expected. In addition, each of these high school students is trained in tutoring and teaching techniques backed by scientific research.

Benefits Of The Homework Spot

Subjects & Preparation

The Homework Spot is able to tutor students not only in Math, English, History, and Languages (Latin, French, or Spanish), but also in time management and organization. The Homework Spot is truly a one-stop shop for a young student’s preparation for high school and beyond.

Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

The Homework Spot helps students build an organizational mind and guides them using the following techniques:

  • Helping students develop a growth mindset – a belief that learning is acquired through effort
  • Stressing the importance of time management, organization, and effort
  • Teaching strategies to help understand new information and not just memorize for a test
  • Providing techniques that will motivate students to excel in any subject
  • Listening to who each student is and determining the best strategies for them

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