Haley Beutler

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Haley is currently a senior at University of South Florida pursuing B.S. degrees in both Industrial Engineering and Behavioral Healthcare. Haley has always had a deep passion for academia and helping others, beginning in her senior year of high school, where she graduated as Valedictorian of her class. In an attempt to increase her own SAT test scores, she developed a system to prepare for the standardized test involving timing strategies and a schedule for practicing skills. The method she created worked so well that she surpassed the goal she set for herself, and in her free time, began helping her classmates improve their scores on the SAT as well.

It is gratifying experiences such as these that draw Haley to tutoring the most. She believes that everyone should be able to reach their full academic potential, and she enjoys helping others get to this point. Throughout the past 6 years, Haley has been tutoring students of all ages both privately and at various learning centers. Her experience has ranged from developing daily lesson plans to teach kindergarteners how to read and do basic math to helping a business professional learn Microsoft Excel in order to complete tasks at work.

Haley firmly believes the goal of tutoring is not just to help students grasp the content that they are struggling with, but to help them develop stronger study skills, build more confidence about themselves and their schoolwork, and overall, gain more of an appreciation for education itself.