SAT Course - Online

Flexible SAT assistance with 30 Lessons per month and 1,000 total SAT questions!

Online SAT Preparation

Our SAT Course – Online is designed to introduce strategy, timing, and to cover actual SAT questions to prepare your student for any upcoming SAT!

Easy, Accessible & Flexible!

Connect to Zoom lessons where instructors will walk you through all of the topics necessary for success on the digital SAT! You can also watch pre-recorded lessons on strategy and fundamental concepts anywhere, anytime!

Extensive SAT Content

One lesson each day of the week (except Fridays), and almost 30 lessons per month. Almost 1000 practice questions on individual topics and many quizzes to test your knowledge.

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Different Perspectives

6 different instructors will be presenting information. Find the instructor that best matches your learning style!

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Strategy Discussions

Each instructor and the pre-recorded video explanations will teach you how to review your errors and avoid repeating them, as well as giving you a list of common errors to avoid. A major focus on strategy will be presented during each Zoom session.

Free Trial

Webinar classes are free until July 1st

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How do I begin my Free Trial?

Please reach out by text to (813) 254-5437 or by email to; our Administrative team will respond with a link to the free trial of our SAT Course – Online!


The free trial will expire on July 1st.

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