Spring SAT Group Course 2023

Prepare for the March 11th SAT!

Group Course Details

Disciplined Minds Tutoring’s Spring SAT Group Course 2023 offers preparation for the March 11th SAT.


Enroll in the 9 classes that best fit your schedule! Please sign up for these classes by using the portal below.


Our Spring SAT Group Course covers all of the main topics covered on the SAT. This course also includes a practice pre-test and post-test for your student.


Student will have the option to meet with a lead tutor to review their pre and post-tests. During this meeting, our tutors will offer suggestions to maximize performance on the SAT.

To sign up for our Spring SAT Group Course, please use the booking portals below!

Sign Up For SAT Math Group Course:

Please use the online booking portal below to sign up for our SAT Math Group Course!

Step 1: Choose SAT Math – Class 1 under Subject dropdown menu.

Step 2: Choose date and time that works best for SAT Math – Class 1.

Step 3: Confirm booking. Then choose SAT Math Class 2-9 by clicking the “Book More” button and repeat process for each class.

Students must sign up for 9 classes of SAT Math in total but classes do not have to occur chronologically.






Spring SAT Group Course 2023 - Calendar

Preparation for: 3/11/23 SAT

Please click the image below to view our full course calendar!

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