Summer SAT Group Course 2022

Prepare for the August 27th SAT!

Course Details

Need to prep for the SAT this summer but going on vacation? No problem!
Have a busy schedule and not a lot of time? Don’t worry!

Our Summer SAT Group Course schedule is designed for you!

Disciplined Minds Tutoring’s Summer SAT Group Course 2022 offers over 18 hours of group SAT content and 3 hours of individual tutoring in preparation for the August 27th SAT.


Enroll in the 6 classes that best fit your schedule! Up to 5 different options are available for each class.


Classes cover all of the main topics covered on the SAT. Additional practice is available through our Canvas page!


Student will meet with a tutor to review their pre and post-tests. During this meeting, our tutors will offer suggestions to maximize performance on the SAT.

Summer SAT Group Course 2022 - Calendar

Preparation for: 8/27/22 SAT

Please click the image below to view our full course calendar!

If you are unsure of how to sign up for this group course, please view our extended tutorial here!


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